Batch Stabilization Extension

Where is the analyze button in Premiere Pro?

The “analyze” button of the warp stabilizer can be found in the effect controls panel (Window > Effects Control). Next, select any clip with the warp stabilizer applied to it and click on “analyze”. If you need to analyze all clips in your timeline you can use the  Batch Analysis extension for fast analysis.

Is analyzing in background possible in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro does not offer this feature natively but there are plugins such as the  Batch Analysis for Warp Stabilizer extension which allow background analysis and stabilization of footage.

Is there an analyze all button in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro does not have an “Analyze All” button. However, the  Batch Analysis plugin allow you to analyze several clips at once or sequentially even when Premiere Pro is in the background.

How to fix the “new frames need analyzing click analyze”?

If only one or two clips require reanalysis open the effects control panel and click on analyze. If you need to reanalyze many clips you can use a  plugin to automatically reanalyze all clips. See  Reanalyze all clips – Warp Stabilizer article for more details.

How to analyze a clip in Premiere Pro?

Apply the warp stabilizer effect to your clip and the analysis should start automatically. If a manual analysis is needed click the “analyze” button (see question above). Sometimes it is needed to analyze several clips: For this, the  Batch Analysis extension may be helpful.

How to add stabilization in Premiere Pro?

First, open the effects panel in Premiere Pro and search for “warp stabilizer”. Next, select the clip you want to stabilize and double click on the warp stabilizer effect.

How can I apply warp stabilizer and speed on the same clip?

First, apply the warp stabilizer effect on the clip you would like to stabilize. Next nest the clip (right-click – nest). Now you can change the speed of the nested clip without having to re-analyze the stabilized video.

Is the Batch Stabilization extension also available for Adobe After effects?

Currently, it is only available for Adobe Premiere Pro. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in seeing a similar extension for Adobe After Effects in the near future as well.

Is there a free trial version of the extension?

Yes there is. Visit  Adobe Exchange to download the free trial.

Free Stock Image Search

Can I use the images for commercial projects?

The Free Stock Search extensions allows you to use Images licenced under the pixabay licence, which is also free for use for commercial projects. Please visit for more information on the licensing.

Where can I download the plugin?

The extension can be downloaded from  Adobe Exchange. A free trial is available.

Rotate Video Toolbar

 How can I rotate Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects?
In the effects control panel you can change the rotation parameter for every clip individually. If you want to use a simple toolbar to change the rotation of your videos you can download the Rotate Video Toolbar extension from this website. 

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