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This plugin allows you to uses the Warp Stabilizer effect to stabilize and analyze clips sequentially and in background

This plugin allows you to uses the Warp Stabilizer effect to stabilize and analyze clips sequentially and in background

Effortless horizon leveling in Adobe Premiere Pro. Correct tilted footage by simply drawing a horizontal line, similar to Lightroom’s straighten tool

Millions of free stock files that can be used for both personal and commercial projects right inside Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro

Search for free sounds and audio files. The audio files can be immediately loaded into Premiere Pro or After Effects’ timeline

Execute ExtendScript commands and run JXS scripts directly from this extension panel. Easily inspect ExtendScript functions and objects as well as the Adobe APIs

Choose colors from popular palettes such as the Material UI Palette

Search for free music for your personal or commercial projects. The audio files can be imported to the Premiere Pro or After Effects timeline.

Video rotation, with just a few clicks. Easily set the orientation of several clips at once

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Reanalyze All for Warp Stabilizer

Premiere Pro Plugin

Batch Analysis for Warp Stabilizer

Vakago Tools Batch Analysis for Warp Stabilizer is a powerful Adobe Premiere Pro plugin used to analyze clips in batch using the Adobe Warp Stabilizer to stabilize shaky footage.

It helps you get rid of the time-consuming process of stabilizing each clip manually.

Parallel analysis has never been easier: just queue up as many clips as you need, and analyze all of them at once. No more dealing with the long wait times that come with waiting for each clip to finish.

It’s very fast and easy to use, freeing up your time to focus on editing.

Stabilization Queue

Any number of videos can be queued for stabilization and analysis. The batch stabilization can run in the background or overnight, with the timeline being rendered once all clips have been stabilized.


Parallel analysis and stabilization can be enabled which takes  advantage of multiple CPU cores and speeds up the stabilization process.

Easy Restabilization

Reanalyze clips that need to improve stabilization quality of already stabilized clips.

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Using the batch stabilization plugin to reanalyze all clips
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