To get started with the extension you can follow this step-by-step tutorial: How to stabilize multiple clips on the timeline in Premiere Pro – Vakago Tools (


Reanalyze all clips in queue

If a reanalysis is required, use this option to reanalyze all clips in the queue. This option can be used if a reanalysis is required after migrating to a newer Adobe Premiere Pro version. It may also be used to reduce project file size if clips have been trimmed after initial analysis.

Save current project when finished

This option will save the project after finishing with the analysis and stabilization. Auto save during the stabilization process is still available if enabled int the Premiere Pro settings.

Render timeline when finished

This option will render the timeline after finishing with the analysis and stabilization.

Add Warp Stabilizer if not present

Use this option to add the Warp Stabilizer effect to clips if it is not present on the clip yet. This can be used to stabilize all clips in the queue.

Use detailed Analysis

Use this option if you want to use detailed analysis when applying a new effect to clips in the queue.

Retry failed

Use this option to automatically retry failed analyses. This option is often helpful as auto saving projects or background activities may interrupt an analysis. Use the max. retry count option to configure how often an analysis will be retried until skipping the clip.

Max Retry count
Allows you to configure how often the extension will try re-stabilization if it previously failed.

Max parallel analyses

Determines how many clips will be analyzed in parallel. Increasing this value might increase performance but will also negatively affect stability and require more RAM. Choosing a number that is greater than the number of available CPU cores might negatively affect performance. Choose ‘1’ to disable parallel analysis.

Advanced Settings

Learn more about the advanced Settings in this article: Batch Analysis Extension Help | Custom Presets


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