Screenshot Free Stock Image Search Extension

Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin

Free Stock Search Extension

With just a few clicks, you can easily add stock images to your documents, video projects, and animations.

The images can be downloaded in full resolution, allowing you to generate high-quality prints, 4K video, and other projects without compromising on resolution.

The plugin allows you to add stock pictures straight to your active project, timeline, etc. by integrating with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. The extension also works both on the Mac OS Plattform and on Microsoft Windows.



Smart Integration

By integrating into the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications you do not need to import the stock images into your applications manually. You can quickly add stock files to your projects and insert them to the active timeline by clicking the “Add to Timeline” button in Premiere Pro or After Effects. You can quickly add stock photos to your active document in Adobe Illustrator.

Similarly, in InDesign select any rectangle or text box and click “Add to Document” to add the stock image to the page where the item was selected. In Adobe Photoshop you get the choice of whether to add the stock image as a layer to your currently open image or open it as a separate file.

Millions of Images

The Pixabay database, which contains millions of photos, is searched by the plugin.

Free for Commercial Use

Pixabay, which is used by this plugin, makes images available for both free and commercial use. Visit for more information on the licensing.

High Quality Images

Many photos are available in their native resolution (20MP+). At the same time scaled images in Full HD or HD resolution are also available saving you the time of down scaling images before using them in your project.

Trial version

A trial version of the extension is available with a reduced set of features.