Quick Nest Pro: Nest and unnest premiere pro clips

Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin

QuickNest Pro

Batch Nest and Un-Nest Premiere Pro Clips

QuickNest Pro is an ultimate extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, designed to provide powerful nesting and unnesting capabilities. QuickNest Pro can help you in enhancing efficiency, organization, and creativity in your projects. With the click of a button you can nest or un-nest several clips at once in your timeline.


Batch Nesting

The conventional method includes opening each nested sequence, copying its contents, pasting them onto the parent sequence, and finally deleting the obsolete sequence. This is manageable when dealing with a few clips, but when working on a complex project with multiple nested clips, it can quickly become time-consuming.

Un-Nest Premiere Pro Clips

Un-Nesting Premiere Pro clips is a feature missing in Premiere Pro. This extension allows you to unnest clips with a simple click of a button. Whether you want to unnest a single clip or multiple sequences, this extension has you covered