AI Auto Masking in After Effects: Cut Out People and Replace Backgrounds with AI-Powered Masks

Are you tired of manually masking your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro? Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is a simple way to automatically mask people in Adobe After Effects. With the help of a simple extension, you can now generate masks automatically for both still images and videos. This technique can save you hours of tedious work.

To enable AI masking in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, simply install the AI Background Remover Extension from Adobe Exchange. You can download it directly from the Creative Cloud Desktop app or the Adobe Exchange website.

AI Background Removal in Premiere pro

AI Background Remover Extension

This article deals with the AI Background Remover Extension plugin. Use below buttons to learn more about the extension:

After installing the extension, import your footage and place it on the timeline. Then, open the extension by navigating to “Window – Extensions – AI Background Remover”, where you will find a variety of settings to adjust.

How to use the extension

The Analysis Quality setting can greatly affect the analysis speed. I is often better to select a medium quality. The number of points utilized for your mask will depend on the Mask Smoothing option, and a setting of 0 will give you the best mask possible, but it can be difficult to modify the mask later. The Mask Feather option affects the mask feather and can be modified afterwards to determine how smooth the mask edge is. Finally, you can adjust the Model Parameters to best fit your footage. For instance, while the other two models are more suited for close-up photos, the Body Pose model works well for people in the background.

Once you’ve adjusted your settings, select the layer in your timeline and click on “Apply Effect”. Even though the analysis might take some time, you can now accomplish what used to take hours of rotoscoping and tracking masks with just one button click.

Once the analysis is finished, a mask is created based on the characteristics of the subject. The mask isolates the subject from its background and can be adjusted and refined later. The extension works well for footage with complex backgrounds or intricate movements.


The Magic Mask feature in DaVinci Resolve is similar to the AI Background Remover Extension. It also uses artificial intelligence to automatically create masks. Magic Mask can quickly and accurately identify the subject and generate a mask around it.

The most common alternative to cut out people from a scene involves either using a green screen or manually masking them using the mask tool. Without the AI Background Remover Extension, achieving high-quality masks can be a tedious and challenging task that requires a significant amount of effort, patience, and skill. On the other hand, employing a green screen to isolate your subject can be successful but necessitates additional tools and preparation, such as good lighting and a level, clean background.