Batch Nest Multiple Clips at Once in Adobe Premiere Pro

If you frequently work with Adobe Premiere Pro, you’re likely used to nesting clips as part of your editing workflow. There are several use cases where you might want to nest multiple clips simultaneously, such as stabilizing clips or applying nested effects.

While the conventional method involves selecting each clip on the timeline individually and nesting them one by one, there’s a more efficient approach: The QuickNest Pro extension, which can greatly speed up this process. The extension is designed to enable the nesting of multiple clips all at once. Particularly when dealing with complex projects, QuickNest Pro allows you to save time.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the QuickNest Pro extension:

How to Batch Nest Multiple Clips at Once in Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Install Extension

    Begin by installing the QuickNest Pro extension from Adobe Exchange.

  2. Clip Selection in the Timeline

    Once the extension is installed, open your Adobe Premiere Pro project and choose the clips you want to nest within your timeline.

  3. Batch Nesting

    Open the QuickNest Pro extension panel within Adobe Premiere Pro. Inside the extension, click the “Nest selected clips” button. The extension will handle the nesting of all selected clips in a single action. You’ll observe several newly nested clips on your timeline. You can treat these nested clips in the same manner as you would a single clip – apply effects, transitions, and other edits as needed.